Signs of Food addiction in Canada

Are you bothered that you might be addicted to food? Even though many people don’t like to do without their favorite food, you need to be careful not to cross the line. When your love for food spirals out of control, food addiction might be in play.

Canada is home to top-notch professionals who are vast in treating different forms of behavioral addiction, where food addiction belongs to.

If you are not sure whether you are addicted to food or not, here are some signs to check

  • Having cravings even when you’re full

Getting cravings is normal for almost everyone. However, if you notice that you usually have cravings even when you’re filled up, it is a sign that you’re addicted. A craving happens when you want to eat something even though you are full.

If you have cravings often, and it is hard to ignore them, you might be suffering from food addiction.

  • Eating more than intended

Everyone has their limit and capacity when it comes to eating. If you discovered that you find it effortless to exceed your bandwidth almost every time, you might be struggling with addiction.

When eating, a good rule of thumb is to ensure you don’t eat up to the point where you begin to feel filled up.

  • Giving excuses for eating a certain food

When you discover that you love giving excuses for eating a particular type of meal, you might be addicted. You would be forced not to focus on other meals because this particular one triggers your brain’s reward system.

  • Inability to set rules for self-control

One of the best ways to achieve self-control is to set rules for yourself. If you feel that you are struggling with food addiction, you can know if you keep failing your rules.

For instance, if you decide not to take soda for a week, and you end up taking it several times, you might be dealing with food addiction.

If you have continuously tried to quit food addiction and it’s not working, you can see any reputable addiction therapist in Canada to get help.

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