How to identify those who are addicted in Canada

According to the erstwhile Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey in 2012, an estimate of 21.6% of Canadians met the criterion for all the substance use disorders. This implies that, as at 2012, about 8 million people were struggling with addiction in Canada.

The challenge several people have is identifying those who are addicted, and with the signs and symptoms below, you can spot an addicted person.

  • Financial Issues

Those who are addicted usually have issues with their finances. You will discover that they run out of cash quite too often. This is because they spend excessively and regularly on their addiction.

These individuals can go to the extent of borrowing money to fund their addiction, and they usually run into debts.

  • Show of irresponsibility

Individuals who are addicted usually ignore their personal obligations because of their addiction. For the addicted students, they would concentrate more on their addiction instead of school.

The bulk of their attention would be on their addiction and their interest in academics would drop.

Similarly, the working-class individuals would find it challenging to focus on work. Rather, their attention would be invested in their addiction. And it is easy for this set of people to get sacked.

  • Isolation

Addicted individuals prefer to keep to themselves rather than mingle with others. The reason is they are aware that their addiction is a nuisance to their family and friends. And to prevent the stigmatization, they would rather keep to themselves instead of staying with others.

  • Unhealthy relationships

One feature typical of addicted individuals is the kind of relationships they keep. The worst part of these relationships is, they promote the individual’s addiction. And since there is no one available to correct them, they would continue to get worse in their addiction problem.

It would be difficult for addicted individuals to let go of these relationships because of the pleasure that comes with addiction.

Once you have spotted someone who is addicted, it is advised to help them seek help before their problem gets worse.

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