Food is needed for our survival, and hence, it is difficult to do without food for a long period of time. Food provides pleasure, enjoyment and the likes, and it is needed to sustain us. We are motivated to eat food based on the taste, texture and smell.

There are some people who are addicted to food, but they are unaware of this.

As a matter of fact, the severity of food addiction is likened to alcohol and drugs addiction. It is very easy to spot people who are addicted to food.

They love foods which have high contents of salt, fat and sugar. Foods which are extremely rich in the above mentioned contents provide gratification feelings.

When you compare these feelings to what an alcohol or drug addict would experience, they are basically the same thing.

It has reached the extent that, some people depend on these feelings of gratification, and you will find them opting for the foods which provide them.

In some cases, there are some people who go through strenuous work, and the only way they can prevent themselves from burning out, is by eating much food.

Hence, taking food in excess prevents them from being stressed out.

In Canada, food addicts are known for depending on the feelings which they get from some foods. So, even though they are not hungry, they will still feel the desire to eat, and this results in an addictive cycle.

As they eat the food, pleasurable feelings are produced, and they do not take a balanced nutrition in the process.

When food addicts do not get the feelings they desire, or the food they want becomes difficult to access, there are adverse consequences which comes with it.

These consequences are usually unpleasant, and they have severe implications which could ruin their lives in the long run.

The symptoms which come with food addiction are chronic ones, and they damage the life of an individual slowly.

People who are addicted to food need ample care and love, and they need to receive treatment from the best of professionals.  

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