Effects of drug addiction in Canada

Many people do not know what addiction stands for and this is why they would hardly believe anyone who tells them they are addicted. There are some addicted individuals who are unaware of their condition and they are endangering their lives each day.

One of the major types of addiction in Canada is Drug addiction and alongside with alcohol addiction, it is one of the primary types of addiction which is prevalent in several people.

Below are some of the effects of drug addiction in Canada

Poor immune system

Drug addiction affects the immune system in a number of ways. In the long-term, drug addiction adversely impairs the digestive system, damaging the tracts in the digestive tract.

This results in the slow-down of how the body absorbs vital protein. Also, the liver functioning is affected which results in an abnormal storage of essential vitamins.

In addition, the body becomes incapable of producing enough white blood cells, which affects the body’s response to cancers and other diseases.

The effect on the Heart

Someone who is addicted to drugs is at a higher risk of coming down with heart-related problems like stroke and heart attack. These drugs regularly increase the heart rate and increases blood pressure, which makes the individual more susceptible to stroke and heart attack.

The effect on the Brain

The brain is where the rush of the chemicals are felt, and if the brain continues to experience this intense rush, its optimal functioning is affected. The brain’s structure is affected when drugs are used for a very long time. And since the brain is still developing, alterations can induce long-term effects.

In addition, some studies have shown that there is a connection between mental disorder and drug addiction. In most instances, the brain reconfigures itself according to what the drug dictates. This is what occurs during long-term use of drugs.

If you know someone who is addicted to drugs in Canada, it is important for you to get involved by trying to help them.

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