Drug addiction exists in Canada, and just like the rest of the world. No matter how developed a country might be, drug addiction is a disease which would always be present.

Till now, the healthcare sector is putting strict measures in place to ensure that drug addiction is drastically reduced, particularly the opioid epidemic which is somewhat rampant in the country.

However, based on statistics, drug abuse and addiction in Canada seems to be on the decline. The percentage of people using opioid in Canada has seen a 2% drop in the last few years.

In addition to this, less than 1% of adults have been reported to use the drug. In the world and Canada particularly, one of the commonest homegrown drugs, is methamphetamine.

This drug is responsible for drug seizures which is a common cause of death in the United States. However, in Canada, it is not a cause for concern because people rarely use it, even though it is commonly grown.

The most abused recreational drug in Canada is cannabis, and the usage is still at a minimal rate.

Based on research, female addicts are likely to die from drug addictions than male addicts, and this probability is pegged at 54%. However, male addicts are more than female addicts.

The people who are at most risk, are teenagers, as a good number of them are found to indulge in both drug and alcohol abuse, which often leads to addiction.

A good number of the drugs which are responsible for drug addiction, are shipped in through the Canada/US border, and they have their origin in Mexico.

A good number of dangerous drugs like opioid fentanyl have their origin from Hong Kong and China, where they are manufactured on a large scale. Thereafter, they are distributed in smaller packages to distributors.

People who are addicted to drugs in Canada, are known to spend massive each year. This is because they have to spend on healthcare costs.

Alongside drug addiction in Canada, another top form of addiction is alcohol addiction.

The good part is, Canada has a proficient medical system, which is enough to cater for the treatment needs of addicts.  

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